Parenting after divorce

Organising a new context for parenting in times of grief and confusion.


“ We build too many walls and not enough bridges”
Isaac Newton

Why look for help?
How does one look after oneself and one’s children in painfull times filled with disillusion and grief? The stress and emotional impact of divorce affects the whole family. Making decisions together and finding compromises uses up a great deal of energy. In a divorce this very often goes hand in hand with arguements, fear of not knowing what the right thing to do is, loneliness and estrangement, which also has a parallel effect on the children and vice- versa.

In family therapy/ systemic therapy or in the parent’s group we can help you to help yourselves and your child(ren) emotionally and practically during and after divorce.

The parent’s group consists of six to twelve parents. There are 5 sessions, each session taking two hours. Some parents are beforehand wary about taking part in a group but after the first session the recognition that is experienced replaces feelings such as shyness and embarrassment. Parents are always enthousiastic for a follow up after the module is completed.  The sessions are partly theoretical and partly interactive. The course is adjustable to the parent’s wishes and  situations. During the course topics such as grief, parent’s experiences , communication,  solo parenting, co-parenting or birdnesting , helpfull rituals and eventually new partners or siblings will be covered. Next to the informatative part there is room for sharing. The recognition and mutual support of the group is strengthening and a comfort for the participants. There is also the possibility for parallel sessions with children.

Prior to family therapy or the parent’s group there is an informal  introductory visit to asses the situation and if  all agree upon an effective solution, family therapy sessions or a parent’s group can be scheduled.
During the process there will be regular evaluations and, if necessary, adjustments in wishes or aims can be made.  The five sessions of the parent’s group are spread over a period of three months. It is also possible to follow a family therapy parallel to the parent’s group. To make an appointment please call 06 27344302 or mail us using our contact form.