Individual systemic therapy

“We are never but an aspect, an element, a part of a wider context. We are one of the channels through which life flows. We are a vessel through which life manifests. As such we are always in relation, always in context, always connected to what is around us, always defined by what we associate with. Relationship is essential to our very survival and inspires everything we do.” Emmy van Deurzen


What is it

Individual systemic therapy is for everyone who wishes to gain insight in his or her way of relating. The therapist helps exploration and recognition of past experiences, beliefs, expectations, communication patterns and social structures to support eventual wishes for change. The therapy goals will be set during the intake (first session)


  • An improved relationship with surroundings (parents, family members, children, colleagues, neighbors).
  • Examining relationship patterns and developing new patterns.
  • Understanding why there is always a feeling of being alone and making changes.
  • Coping as a single parent.
  • Renewing lost relationships.
  • Coping in a problematic relationship when the partner does not want therapy.
  • Examining attachment style and the way this affects present relationships.


What we will do

During the introductory visit the situation will be assessed and if all agree that the therapy could be effective, therapy sessions can de scheduled. During the therapy process there will be regular evaluations and if necessary adjustments in wishes or aims can be made.