Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

“When we communicate with each other, we need to:
Listen with an
Open heart and mind.
Validate and acknowledge each other.
Express our thoughts and feelings softly, simply and slowly.”
Sue Johnson

What is it
EFT is a therapy for couples that are experiencing problems and are searching for a renewed relatedness with each other. The therapy helps loved ones relate in what they need and long for in their connection with each other. A safe connection with another is a basic human need. Everyone needs to connect with the other, the other whom you can depend on, who won’t let you down, whom you can rely on when you’re in need. In developing a satisfying, loving, and rewarding sexual relationship it is important to be open, sensitive and accessible for each other within a safe connection.

EFT focuses on the emotions and aims at improving the emotional interactions in the relationship so that partners can move freely for themselves and towards each other.

The therapy also focuses on the underlying emotions of the couple’s communication- and behaviour patterns.

What we will do
The therapy has three phases. The first phase will concentrate on recognizing and understanding relationship patterns. Subsequently in phase two the therapy will help you explore the underlying needs and fears leading to the last phase in helping you to distance yourselves from old patterns and change these into a new way of connectedness.

EFT is developed by clinical psychologist Sue Johnson and is based on the attachment theory. EFT is evidence based. Research shows that after emotional focused therapy there is hardly any relapse and that 70% of the couples have a better connection.

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