Couple therapy

“ We are drawn, then held, by the promise of parted lips, by the expectation that we read in the Other’s eyes. In order to be able to love a voice, a face, we must feel that they are calling out for love. In order to be completely true, a love must be shared; it is a joint undertaking in which the feeling of each is the substance of that of the other. Each of the two freedoms addresses the other, captivates it, tempts it”.
Jean Paul Sartre

What is it
You have taken a new step towards change, to make a difference in your love life in search of a new connection with your partner.
Couples can get stuck in negative spirals, become distant and lose their feeling of authenticity and intimacy. This can lead to anxiety, arguments, sulks and impasses.
On the one hand you feel a basis of love for each other and on the other hand feel stuck in the above-mentioned impasses and negative patterns.
The therapist will help you to reflect upon yourself and your partner and how this interacts with each other. The therapy will help you examine and recognize your beliefs, expectations, communication- and behavioral patterns and get in touch with your partners and your own underlying emotions in order to make changes that can make a difference.
Your own background and upbringing and possible traumatic life events could also play a role in the way your relationship has developed.

The therapy is an authentic personal encounter where the therapist supports the couple in sharing their  ‘here and now’ with each other.  The therapist works with the method Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

  • A need to communicate with each other without blaming or losing contact.
  • In search of a renewed intimacy.
  • Sharing and working through serious life events and changes together.
  • Infidelity injuries.
  • Doubts about continuing the relationship.
  • In search of a renewed trust.
  • New life in a relationship that has got stuck in a rut.
  • Parenting together after a divorce.
  • Replacing arguments and aggression with understanding and connection.

What we will do
During the introductory visit the couple and therapist will asses the situation and if all agree that therapy could be an effective solution for the couple, therapy sessions can be scheduled. During the therapy process there will be regular evaluations and if necessary adjustments in wishes or aims can be made.